Candle Holder

Celebrate The Festival Of Lights With Exquisite Collection Of Candle Holders From Rangrage At Best Price Online

With Diwali around the corner we are looking at scores of Diwali goodies staring at us on social media feeds waiting to be bought. But, each time we come across them we think of buying something different this time, something that we might not see in our friend’s and neighbour’s home and something that will stand out and make our homes and private spaces look prettier. This time around I am going to do something different, instead of only opting for traditional lanterns used in Diwali for balcony and home door decorations I am going to mix the lighting with lovely candles as well. So, just today morning I thought of this and instantly set out looking for nice candle holders for home decor and designer light holders

On searching online I found that most candles being sold online are the same old western designs. What if I want candles that would be more suited for diwali as an occasion? This is when I came across Rangrage. This is a really cool website that offers a more desi touch to stuff that we are increasingly buying online; like candlesticks, candles holders, home decor, frames, home furnishings, wall decor etc. This website sells goods that are a creative product of independent and freelance artists who can produce the products with great detailing and efficiencies. Unique products of genuine creativity are on display. I ordered a set of copper candle holders that have a very subtle Indian feel and I think they will work well with my idea this year of mixing traditional diyas with candles to light up my house. What I liked about the website of course was their unique selling position of uniqueness every product bought off this website has but at the same time I love the fact that the products are well priced and add a touch of sophistication too to the personal space. Even their home furnishing that I checked while purchasing the candle light holders online were really different, quite unlike anything i have seen in the market. While the products are not overtly Indian or desi they still have the Indian appeal.


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