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Give Your Bedroom A Modern Yet Heritage Look With RANGRAGE

Just like how fashion comes and goes in the world of clothes and accessories, so does it come and go in the case of home decor and furnishings as well. Earlier, in the olden times, the trend of simple bedrooms with more space and less furniture was rampant. In the middle, off late there has been a trend of brighter wall colours, funky accessories and furniture and home decor in the room. Especially, in the case of the younger crowd staying alone, singletons having their own dens and solo dwellers, fun designer trays, serving trays etc are very popular to decorate their personal spaces. In today’s world of sooo many choices, are you also in a fix wondering which way should you go to decorate your room – in the old ornate way or the funky new way? Here we at RANGRAGE who have been in the business of offering home decor for both genres, old and new are going to help you out in changing your room into a mix, a modern yet heritage look, this is the middleground to help both the modern and the heritage loving side of you! Read on take some notes from here!

Photo Frames
Now, photo frames are a bedroom accessory that can be used for both styles, modern and heritage. This can be done based on the type and design of photo frame you choose. If you’re looking for the modern look avoid frames with small designs, cut work and pastel shades or mono colors.Instead, opt for aztec designs, vibrant mix of colour and geometric designs on frames. You can also experiment with the shape. Classic photo frame are rectangular or square. You can choose different shapes for a more modern appeal. Check out our collection if you want to buy photo frame online, we have both varieties and even more. 
Candles Holders
Yes, candles are another affordable prop to spruce up the decor of any bedroom. Modern styled candle holder these days have prints and designs on them. Choose cane candle holders and plastic candle holder for the modern look. The heritage look can utilize the more metallic and sobre candle holders online with oriental designs. Choose shades of gold silver, copper, burgundy and more earthy shades for a more vintage look. 
At RANGRAGE we believe curtains can really affect the mood and tempo of the room. In fact, it can affect the temperature of the room as well. Especially, while defining the theme of the room curtains play a very important role and hence we highly recommend prints for the modern room with a crazy mix of designs and colors while opting for the classic and heritage feel you can opt for mono colours in richer textures and heavier intricate and ornate design. Curtains take up a lot of space and are quite discernable in a room, small or big, so, make sure the curtains are chosen right while designing the setting of the room. 
This is our effort to help you decide and make a mix of the two styles for your room. You can check our range online and see for yourself if some more ideas cross your mind! 

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