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Serve In Style With RANGRAGE!

A shabby and run-down house doesn’t look good. It does not make us feel good and rest assured it does not make the guest feel great too. Have you been to someone’s house and been given a glass of water sans a tray or maybe in a very shabby, broken or dilapidated tray. It instantly leaves an impression, doesn’t it? As they say the first impression is the last impression, one should not forget that the the first time you let the guest feel a whiff of your style and taste is through the tray in which you serve water to them as soon as they arrive home. So, it ought to be classy or cool. Here are some tips about the designer trays that you should be choosing from. 

Some people prefer metals trays to plastic and ceramic trays. This is because they are easy to clean, they don’t break and they look shiny . Also, especially elders are used to using metal serving trays since in their times metal servers were used more. If you too are looking for classic style then opt for metal, brass, copper or steel trays. These too come with designs and they are ornate enough to give a regal and royal look. If you have the moolah and if there are no bounds to the luxury you might want to flaunt then you can actually flaunt your status with silver and gold trays, it’s rare because the threat of them being stolen but still, if you can afford it then why not? 

Ceramic, Plastic and Wooden Trays
These days plastic, wooden and ceramic trays are faring better. There are reasons to it of course. These can be moulded and decorated better. They can be painted and printed upon unlike metal serving trays and a lot of more embellishments can be done on them. You should try having a look at our range of serving designer trays. The motifs and designs on them are churned our by our artists and they are sure to add a distinct flavour and taste while you serve a hot cuppa chai to your guests. 
Are you the earthy arty types who likes to keep it simple and destress the environment? If yes, then we have the perfect solution for you. We have a wonderful kulhad sets online. They look chic, are easy to maintain but yes you have to be little careful with them as they can fall and break, which all serving trays and cutlery can do except for metal ones. Our Kulhad sets online are hand painted and designed with great care and aesthetics. Check out our collection online. 
These are small things that define the features of the home. You may not realise the impact they have on the impression of the guests who comes over for a hot cup of coffee with you, but it does! So, look finer and more class with a fun and classic serving designer trays. 



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