Table Cover

Persian Festival Table Décor Combo (Set of 9) Online at RANGRAGE

Persian Festival Table Décor Combo

Our name is Persian Festival Table Decor. We are part of “Celebration of Craftsmanship” collection by RANGRAGE. We know we are simply beautiful, a perfect example of classy beauty. Whether for a fancy dinner in a elegant room, or in your kitchen for everyday use, our style makes us both pretty and functional. We are so excited about all the meals and conversations that take place around us. If only we could talk, we would say, come and enjoy me, sit around us for hours eating and talking. We are sturdy, reliable and good-looking. We think you would love to welcome us in your home or gift us to someone very special.


« Ideal for serving favorite beverages and foods
« Decorative accent
« Great for serving atop your ottoman, coffee table or as well as bed
« Adds a touch of class to any kitchen, dining room, or living area.
Material: MDF Trays & Ceramic Mug
  • Color: Multi
  • Weight: 3000 Grams
  • Size:
  • Small Tray: 12″x7″x1.5″ /
  • Large Tray: 14″x8″x1.5″ /
  • Cutlery Holder: 8.25″ x 4″ x 4″/
  • Tissue Box:6″x6″x3″ /
  • Coaster: 3.5″x3.5″x1.25″ /
  • Coaster Stand: 3.75″x3.75″x1.5″
Package Contain: 2 x Trays, 1x Cutlery Holder, 1 x Tissue Box Cover, 4 x Coasters with stand
Care: Wipe with Damp Cloth, Do not soak in water.
Proudly Hand-Crafted In INDIA
Painter, designer, and author Neeti Jain launched RANGRAGE in 2012 in Muscat. Her design philosophy: combines vibrant colors and patterns to create a kaleidoscopic collection of tableware, furniture, and decorative accessories that epitomize “tradition with a twist”.RANGRAGE is dedicated to bringing style, craft, and joy to life.
Every RANGRAGE Product is handcrafted individually, which makes them unique. Due to the intricate nature of craftsmanship, there may be slight variations in the colors of the image you see on your monitor and the actual product.”





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