Candle Holder

You can create a cosy atmosphere at home anytime, any day of the week. With our wide range of handcrafted candle holders


Craftsmanshipíë_comes at the base of the RANGRAGE’s collections and its classics. Craftsmanship is both a value and a resource, and thus it is central to the conception, creation and statement made by the brand. Designed to perfection this candle holder will surely catch the fancy of your guests at a single glance. Its simplistic structure will be a perfect one for any home.

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Give Your Bedroom A Modern Yet Heritage Look With RANGRAGE

Just like how fashion comes and goes in the world of clothes and accessories, so does it come and go in the case of home decor and furnishings as well. Earlier, in the olden times, the trend of simple bedrooms with more space and less furniture was rampant. In the middle, off late there has been a trend of brighter wall colours, funky accessories and furniture and home decor in the room. Especially, in the case of the younger crowd staying alone, singletons having their own dens and solo dwellers, fun designer trays, serving trays etc are very popular to decorate their personal spaces. In today’s world of sooo many choices, are you also in a fix wondering which way should you go to decorate your room – in the old ornate way or the funky new way? Here we at RANGRAGE who have been in the business of offering home decor for both genres, old and new are going to help you out in changing your room into a mix, a modern yet heritage look, this is the middleground to help both the modern and the heritage loving side of you! Read on take some notes from here!

Photo Frames
Now, photo frames are a bedroom accessory that can be used for both styles, modern and heritage. This can be done based on the type and design of photo frame you choose. If you’re looking for the modern look avoid frames with small designs, cut work and pastel shades or mono colors.Instead, opt for aztec designs, vibrant mix of colour and geometric designs on frames. You can also experiment with the shape. Classic photo frame are rectangular or square. You can choose different shapes for a more modern appeal. Check out our collection if you want to buy photo frame online, we have both varieties and even more. 
Candles Holders
Yes, candles are another affordable prop to spruce up the decor of any bedroom. Modern styled candle holder these days have prints and designs on them. Choose cane candle holders and plastic candle holder for the modern look. The heritage look can utilize the more metallic and sobre candle holders online with oriental designs. Choose shades of gold silver, copper, burgundy and more earthy shades for a more vintage look. 
At RANGRAGE we believe curtains can really affect the mood and tempo of the room. In fact, it can affect the temperature of the room as well. Especially, while defining the theme of the room curtains play a very important role and hence we highly recommend prints for the modern room with a crazy mix of designs and colors while opting for the classic and heritage feel you can opt for mono colours in richer textures and heavier intricate and ornate design. Curtains take up a lot of space and are quite discernable in a room, small or big, so, make sure the curtains are chosen right while designing the setting of the room. 
This is our effort to help you decide and make a mix of the two styles for your room. You can check our range online and see for yourself if some more ideas cross your mind! 
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10 Ways To Give Your Home A Makeover

Just like we give ourselves a makeover to look good, sometimes we should give our homes and personal spaces a makeover to feel good! However, most of the times amidst rising expenses we do not get to spend time and money for our homes. Money is the most crucial factor when it comes to decorating homes and this is why we see people placing lower priorities on the decor of their homes and its beautification. We at RANGRAGE discovered inspiration from the compliments that the textured and printed bottoms attracted in Paris!

After all, big things happen from small things and that is how RANGRAGE started. 
You too can start small and make your homes look prettier over time, spending money very gradually on lasting items that will eventually make your fairytale home look real. Take tips from our home decor gift experts and home furnishing experts on the top 10 ways to give your home a makeover in the shortest time possible and in less money. 

Choose the most boring and dull wall of your home and decorate it with a clock for home of your choice. Nowadays large wall clocks look classy and you get to cover more space on the a broken or tattered wall!

Every home has a table. Even if you are single or stay with your roomies and home mates. Get a funky printed or textured table cover online. You can opt from our range of table linen set online. Check our cushion cover sets and cushion throws at best prices online, designer cushion covers, cotton cushion covers and printed cushion covers.

Walls can also come alive if you add a story to them. This can happen by purchasing lovely wall frames, wall paintings and decals from us. 

Home decor gifts for homes also include the most popular candles that can light up all rooms. They particularly look good in living spaces. 

Focus on your kitchen and make it more ornate with hand painted kulhads and tea pots to give a rustic look to your space. 

Bed covers and the prints on them can change the look of the entire room. Try our florals or Aztecs for the same. 

Funky photo frames for walls or for tables can be put up to ay room or space that has no character. They will instantly add life!

Curtains are the best way to add tempo and alter the temperature of the room. The theme of the room can be the deciding factor when it comes to choosing curtains.

Paintings! Yes, what can paintings not do but add colour to everything. Add mini paintings that we have a lovely collection in your study or personal den for some fun. 

Smaller things like lovely coasters and tissue boxes can give more definition to the detail and add more character to the room. 

These are some humble suggestions from our end to improve your and decorate your personal space especially if you’re running on a limited budget. Try them and let us know!
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5 Things That Will Make Your Home Look All Decked Up For Christmas!

If we were to think about all that we could buy to make our homes look prettier and add more utility at the same time in a limited budget what items would we think off? Yes, this seems like a simple task but if we were to think about it in terms of making a limited budget basket for home decor gifts then it is tough. This is why we are here, we at RANGRAGE specialise in ornate home decor and gifts for home. Based on our knowledge and the product range we build up for sale we can suggest the top 5 things to make your home look all decked up for Christmas this year. 
Yes, believe it or not every home has this one decrepit wall that has nothing adorning it but it is strategically located wearing down the look of the entire room or living space that houses thall worn-out wall. We at RANGRAGE highly recommend you add a lovely timepiece to that dear wall. You can buy a variety of clocks for home online. RANGRAGE has a wide range of clock online India like large wall clocks and electrical clocks. The wall clocks are really cool and will add some glamour to that poor unused wall. Buy clock online India to make any wall come alive.
The table you are going to lay your goodies, yummies and dinner on for the Christmas party at home or the New Year’s house party this year can look better if you make a lasting investment in table covers online and table linen sets online. Especially, if you are the simpler types and if you have a only a dinner table in your guest area then this will do the trick for you.
Seating and living areas set off the moods and tempo of the home by the textiles that adorn the sofas and the tapestries. A must buy which we at RANGRAGE highly recommend to anyone making their home lively in affordable ways is to invest right in good quality cushion covers sets & cushion throws at best prices online and designer cushion covers, cotton cushion covers, printed cushion covers. Go for floral, Aztec prints or geometric prints we have here on RANGRAGE. 
You can also try different types of wall decor for studies and bedroom. These include wall paints, wall frames and other decals that you can add to walls if you don’t like a clock as an option to decorate the wall.
This is another category that does not appeal to all but we do recommend. All guests have tea or coffee then why not impress and make a statement with different cutlery like kulhads and hand painted tea pots. Try this way out if you are the creative types to decorate your home. 
You can choose from any and you will know what we are talking about when guests come over and compliment your simple but still classy tastes. 
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What Makes Your Home Look Like A Paradise? Read On To Know

Party time is getting closer, Christmas and New Year are nearing and here we are at the end of 2017. There are going to be more parties and more get-togethers. This also means that everyone is going to decorate their homes and refurbish them to make them look lovely when guests arrive. Are you too planning house parties and get-togethers this Christmas and new years? If yes, then look up and down your house and check for the kind of feel you would like your home to have this December. If you are planning to spruce up your homes and don’t want to not feel the tightness in your wallet then look at our latest collection of designer trays, serving trayshand painted kettleshome decor, candle holders, and online home decor shopping. We at RANGRAGE are prepping up for the holidays season. This is the time people give their homes and personal spaces a makeover. This is the time people have the time to look away from work and do something to decorate their lives and their living spaces a little more!


We started a few years ago drawing inspiration from the appreciation we received in Paris for our Founder’s funky printed denims. All the products you see on our website, home decor, home furnishings, wall decor, etc reflect really cool eye-catching designs. This party season when your friends are coming over for house parties you can buy clocks online india to decorate a boring wall that no one looks at, buy decorative cushions online to add some jazz to the seating area for the guests, buy photo frame online for your bedroom or living area, candle holders for entrances and tissue box holders online for the quick wipe after eating hearty snacks and yummies with guests over the party. Small things impress more and look better, detailing is what gives a space for definition and character, so buy a table clock online to make a boring wooden table more exciting and active or basic home decor items to add a sparkle to your homes this Christmas. Check out our website. It has everything that you might like this Christmas.
Select the items you like, add them in the cart and make way for a introductory first-time discount coupon you will receive on registering. This will help you get a good concession over the cart total. The cart will be shipped to your house on online payment and delivered safe to your address that you provide. So, don’t think anymore and start making a list of the things you would like to buy for your home and decide what you like would like to buy as Christmas gifts for your friends and families this Christmas and new years. RANGRAGE has been consistently delivering the best quality products at the most affordable prices coupled with quality assurance with the help of unique artists across the country who churn out designs for RANGRAGE to utilise on their products.


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The Best Gifting Choices You Can Make With RANGRAGE!

Gifting is not an easy task. Especially, if you are looking to really give a meaningful and useful gift. Gifting also depends on the occasion you are gifting on and the person you are gifting to. What makes sense at the end of the day is gifting something to someone that they can use and not alone dust in their cupboards for years to come to be thrown away one fine day. The best gifts are those that can be utilised. And, without fail things that can utilized are those that are bought for homes. All of us live in our little private spaces that we love to decorate and personalize. And, the best and one of the most affordable websites you can look for in this season for FESTIVALS gifts is RANGRAGE. 
Ours is a really cool website offering scores of home furnishings, home decor and other interior decorating products. Our selling point is the unique designs which are the brainchild of artists across the country. Freelancers and on-board artists make designs to print them on the products which make the products look different from other similar products in the same genre across websites. 
What started small as an idea or a compliment we would say, has today resulted in RANGRAGE being on its way to become a popular website where you can buy dining table mats & table runners online, cotton curtains online, cushion cover sets & cushion throws at best prices online,  designer cushion covers, cotton cushion covers, printed cushion covers and gifts for homes and loved ones during these festive and holiday months ahead. We have lovely prints on our home decor and furnishing items. We also sell a variety of different types of clocks to make a wall look more ornate and beautiful. If you want to gift something to your parents then you can try our wall decals, and paintings. Your parents are sure to love it. If you have single friends living on their own you can choose lovely coloured cushion covers for their homes this festive season. A simple clock can also do wonders if you want to gift a colleague or coworker from office. If you are looking to light up your personal space then you can try the antique candle holder and tealight holders. These are the best things to light up home on Diwali and Christmas. These gifting options can never go wrong! 
The shopping from the website is hassle free. Scan through the products, add them in your cart and make the payment through any online mode you like. The goods will be delivered to you in the shortest time possible. You can directly ship them to the person you would like to gift them to. So, this festive season think wise and gift well. Take your time to decide on what will work for you and make a call to choose the correct gift from RANGRAGE.
What is your best choice for gifting? Let us know in the comments below. 
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We Have The Best Home Decor items. Come Shop With RANGRAGE!

These days there are endless options of home and decor products available online but if you are an avid online shopper you would also notice that most websites selling this genre of goods have same or similar looking products. This is making the uniqueness disappear as more and more of the same designs are now appearing across websites. We at RANGRAGE have been in the business for a while and we know that people with a genuine and keen eye for aesthetics look for products that will look different and hence we have a novel concept in place that differentiates our products from the generic stuff sold on websites. 

The Concept 

RANGRAGE was started by a couple on their trip to Paris. Inspired by the appreciation by fellow tourists who quite liked Gagan’s funky printed apparel, his wife drew up the ambitious plan of RANGRAGE. RANGRAGE has a unique concept that not only illuminated the life of its clients but its employees as well. A team of 50 artists, freelance and on roll make RANGRAGE and its different products a reality. Every design on their product range is a figment of an artist’s imagination. 

Product Range 

RANGRAGE has a vast variety of products under different genres. Namely, candle holders, kettles, key holders, mini paintings, photo frames, table clocks, wall murals, large wall clocks, electric clocks online etc in the category of home decor. They also have home furnishings like cushion covers curtains etc. The kitchen and dining category include, coasters, kulhads, shot glasses, tea sets, table covers, table placemats, tissue box covers, trays table linen sets and table runners. Wall decor items like wall murals, wall paintings etc are also sold on the website. Popular categories liquide tea sets, cushion covers and clocks. What makes buying easy and advantageous off this website are the the clock reviews and prices that are helpful for purchase and affordable for the aesthetics for products respectively. If you too are trying to lock a clock for gifting this season of festivities then you must try and view our range of wall clocks online shopping for the different and rare wall clocks designs online. 


Shopping from RANGRAGE has been a pleasure for most of our clients so far. We have strict Quality Control processes and so all Our products go through heavy quality checks before leaving to your homes. We accept all types of payments and we have a simple and quick shipping and delivery policy. In case you have any trouble booking a product you can always call our helpline and we will be happy to help you. We also take special bulk and corporate orders in case you want more units of the same design, but same designs are only on order though.Visit our website soon and feel the difference and the rarity of our designs right here from the artists across India.