Trays are a must-have item in every house – whether it is something to serve food and drinks to your guests on, to keep your jewellery on, or simply as a decorative coffee table item. However, while they are extremely useful, their aesthetic value, and ability to transform a room, is often forgotten. At RANGRAGE, we have all kinds of trays to suit every taste and budget, so why not check out the range today? You are sure to be amazed by the range of colours, shapes and designs, with everything from floral to ultra-sophisticated portrait designs.
Delicious food is just one half of what you need for an unforgettable dining experience – it is vitally important that your table looks good too. At RANGRAGE, we have some very unique and one-of-a-kind trays perfect for giving your guests something gorgeous to look at while they feast.  There are several designs to choose from – pick a few and add some instant class to your table!
Hand-painted by RANGRAGE artists, the tray has an inimitable blend of modern designs.
 Hand Painted Wooden Trays Online
This designer product is part of art series that RANGRAGE artists have exclusively created in a wide range of home d̩ecor and dining products. The tray is a perfect gift for your loved ones





Hand-painted by RANGRAGE artists, the range of trays has an inimitable blend of designs. The trays infuse positive energy and exuberance with beautiful hues of colors and thoughtfully painted designs. The tray is a perfect gift for your loved ones.


Beauty may be fleeting, but the best way to make it last forever is to paint it. The place to dwell would look more cheerful and lively, if it is enveloped with freshness. Home becomes more pleasant when fenced in with the hand-painted floral tableware items. This hand-painted tray provides an essence of belongingness along with the beauty of nature. 

Hand-painted by RANGRAGE artists, the range of trays has an inimitable blend of designs. The trays infuse positive energy and exuberance with beautiful hues of colors and thoughtfully painted designs. The tray is a perfect gift for your loved ones.
This tray presents a beautiful melange of west and east, i.e. a traditional Mandana design on top and an abstract pattern of waves at bottom. 




Global Village Trays & Mugs Combo Set of 8 Online at RANGRAGE

RANGRAGE Global Village Trays & Mugs Combo (Set of 8)

Our name is Global Village Table Decor. We are part of “Celebration of Craftsmanship” collection by RANGRAGE. We know we are simply beautiful, a perfect example of classy beauty. Whether for a fancy dinner in a elegant room, or in your kitchen for everyday use, our style makes us both pretty and functional. We are so excited about all the meals and conversations that take place around us. If only we could talk, we would say, come and enjoy me, sit around us for hours eating and talking. We are sturdy, reliable and good-looking. We think you would love to welcome us in your home or gift us to someone very special.

« Ideal for serving favorite beverages and foods
« Decorative accent
« Great for serving atop your ottoman, coffee table or as well as bed
« Adds a touch of class to any kitchen, dining room, or living area.

Material: MDF Trays & Ceramic Mugs
Color: Multi
Weight: 3500 Grams

Small Tray: 12″x7″x1.5″

Large Tray: 14″x8″x1.5″

Mug: 4″ x 3.1″ (Height x Diameter)

Package Contain: 2 x Trays & 6 Mugs
Care: Wipe with Damp Cloth, Do not soak in water.
Proudly Hand-Crafted In INDIA

Painter, designer, and author Neeti Jain launched RANGRAGE in 2012 in Muscat. Her design philosophy: combines vibrant colors and patterns to create a kaleidoscopic collection of tableware, furniture, and decorative accessories that epitomize “tradition with a twist.”RANGRAGE is dedicated to bringing style, craft, and joy to life.

Every RANGRAGE Product is handcrafted individually, which makes them unique. Due to the intricate nature of craftsmanship, there may be slight variations in the colors of the image you see on your monitor and the actual product.


Shop for Handcrafted Different Green Square Serving Tray Online at RANGRAGE

Handcrafted Different Green Square Serving Tray

Hand-painted by RANGRAGE artists, the tray has an inimitable blend of modern designs. Cutting glasses can’t be served in trays, they are served in this specially created serving devices. With the touch of art, these serving devices become the great conversation starters.


This designer product is part of art series that RANGRAGE artists have exclusively created in a wide range of home décor and dining products.The tray is a perfect gift for your loved ones.
Product Highlights:
Material: MDF
Color: Multicolored
Coating: Melamine coating for durability
Weight: 400 gms
Dimensions: 10x10x2.5 inches
Cleaning: Clean with damp cloth only
Package Contain: 1 x Tray



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A Family That Eats Together Stays Together! So Give Your Dining Table The Most Attractive Look Ever!

Most families these days don’t sit together and eat. This has happened due to personal and work life distractions and the increasing use of gadgets and electronics where people watch TV while eating lunch, dinner and breakfast or they’re using their mobiles while eating. This has resulted in lesser and lesser people and families eating food together. This is truly sad! It is only during meal times that families come together, speak, share and learn to love each and know about each other’s problems. However, there are a few ways in which you can push your family or at least attract them to sit together on a dining table during meal times. We at RANGRAGE here have a recommendation for you which is simple and fun. It may sound silly but it does work and it has worked from what we know of the numerous customer feedbacks we have got at RANGRAGE here.
Table Art
Just imagine, one fine day you just enter the house and you see your table laid, with lovely table linen, table mats and table runners? Would you not inquire? And what if someone tells you that’s it hs been laid down for you for you meal? Yes, do exactly that. If you want your family to sit together for meals then bring them together by attracting them to the table. This can be done by purchasing lovely and funky table linen online, table runners online and table mats online. They do not cost much! They are very affordable and at the same time you must know that you can completely lift the decor of your dining area or the room that houses your dining table by simply choosing stunning and decor-matching tableware for your meal top. Your can check our range of table linen, table mats and table runners. Lovely materials, lovely texture and lovelier prints and designs to choose from. It will definitely add an attraction value to your dining table. Not only will your table look chic and and dainty it will also stay cleaner. Our range of tableware has been designed by some of the best freelance and on-board artists we have selected from the rural and urban areas. Each designed churned out by these artists is imprinted in these runner and mats. Check out the collection and invite your family members for a meal on the table. Lets us know what the response was like.
We at RANGRAGE also have hosts of other products like home decor, stationery, wall art, home furniture etc. Decorate your living area and your rooms with our affordable range where all products can be purchased online and the delivery of the goods is guaranteed unharmed to your home. Not only will you be making your home more fun and habitable but you will also be helping scores of rural and local artisans make a living and encouraging their aesthetics. Check out our website today!
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Serve In Style With RANGRAGE!

A shabby and run-down house doesn’t look good. It does not make us feel good and rest assured it does not make the guest feel great too. Have you been to someone’s house and been given a glass of water sans a tray or maybe in a very shabby, broken or dilapidated tray. It instantly leaves an impression, doesn’t it? As they say the first impression is the last impression, one should not forget that the the first time you let the guest feel a whiff of your style and taste is through the tray in which you serve water to them as soon as they arrive home. So, it ought to be classy or cool. Here are some tips about the designer trays that you should be choosing from. 

Some people prefer metals trays to plastic and ceramic trays. This is because they are easy to clean, they don’t break and they look shiny . Also, especially elders are used to using metal serving trays since in their times metal servers were used more. If you too are looking for classic style then opt for metal, brass, copper or steel trays. These too come with designs and they are ornate enough to give a regal and royal look. If you have the moolah and if there are no bounds to the luxury you might want to flaunt then you can actually flaunt your status with silver and gold trays, it’s rare because the threat of them being stolen but still, if you can afford it then why not? 

Ceramic, Plastic and Wooden Trays
These days plastic, wooden and ceramic trays are faring better. There are reasons to it of course. These can be moulded and decorated better. They can be painted and printed upon unlike metal serving trays and a lot of more embellishments can be done on them. You should try having a look at our range of serving designer trays. The motifs and designs on them are churned our by our artists and they are sure to add a distinct flavour and taste while you serve a hot cuppa chai to your guests. 
Are you the earthy arty types who likes to keep it simple and destress the environment? If yes, then we have the perfect solution for you. We have a wonderful kulhad sets online. They look chic, are easy to maintain but yes you have to be little careful with them as they can fall and break, which all serving trays and cutlery can do except for metal ones. Our Kulhad sets online are hand painted and designed with great care and aesthetics. Check out our collection online. 
These are small things that define the features of the home. You may not realise the impact they have on the impression of the guests who comes over for a hot cup of coffee with you, but it does! So, look finer and more class with a fun and classic serving designer trays. 


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Give Your Bedroom A Modern Yet Heritage Look With RANGRAGE

Just like how fashion comes and goes in the world of clothes and accessories, so does it come and go in the case of home decor and furnishings as well. Earlier, in the olden times, the trend of simple bedrooms with more space and less furniture was rampant. In the middle, off late there has been a trend of brighter wall colours, funky accessories and furniture and home decor in the room. Especially, in the case of the younger crowd staying alone, singletons having their own dens and solo dwellers, fun designer trays, serving trays etc are very popular to decorate their personal spaces. In today’s world of sooo many choices, are you also in a fix wondering which way should you go to decorate your room – in the old ornate way or the funky new way? Here we at RANGRAGE who have been in the business of offering home decor for both genres, old and new are going to help you out in changing your room into a mix, a modern yet heritage look, this is the middleground to help both the modern and the heritage loving side of you! Read on take some notes from here!

Photo Frames
Now, photo frames are a bedroom accessory that can be used for both styles, modern and heritage. This can be done based on the type and design of photo frame you choose. If you’re looking for the modern look avoid frames with small designs, cut work and pastel shades or mono colors.Instead, opt for aztec designs, vibrant mix of colour and geometric designs on frames. You can also experiment with the shape. Classic photo frame are rectangular or square. You can choose different shapes for a more modern appeal. Check out our collection if you want to buy photo frame online, we have both varieties and even more. 
Candles Holders
Yes, candles are another affordable prop to spruce up the decor of any bedroom. Modern styled candle holder these days have prints and designs on them. Choose cane candle holders and plastic candle holder for the modern look. The heritage look can utilize the more metallic and sobre candle holders online with oriental designs. Choose shades of gold silver, copper, burgundy and more earthy shades for a more vintage look. 
At RANGRAGE we believe curtains can really affect the mood and tempo of the room. In fact, it can affect the temperature of the room as well. Especially, while defining the theme of the room curtains play a very important role and hence we highly recommend prints for the modern room with a crazy mix of designs and colors while opting for the classic and heritage feel you can opt for mono colours in richer textures and heavier intricate and ornate design. Curtains take up a lot of space and are quite discernable in a room, small or big, so, make sure the curtains are chosen right while designing the setting of the room. 
This is our effort to help you decide and make a mix of the two styles for your room. You can check our range online and see for yourself if some more ideas cross your mind! 
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Thinking what to buy this Festive Season? Check out our new range only at RANGRAGE

Festivities bring cheer and color to our boring and monotonous lives. People loosen their pocket strings to buy gifts for home and heavily spend on their yearly budget of home furnishings online and home decor online. We at RANGRAGE have some humble offerings from our little den of aesthetics right from the skilled hands of thousands of artists who help us make lovely goods by lending us their art. Yes, we at RANGRAGE offer a wide range of amazing home furnishings, home decor, kitchen dining goods and wall decor. Our products are different, they exude class and a great sense of aesthetics. Our artists work hard on their designs which they help us chalk out on lovely serving trays, hand painted kettles, designer trays, home decor online and home furnishings online
The idea of RANGRAGE started off on simple trip to Paris when our Founder Gagan found appreciation for his textured printed denims. This inspired his wife and partner to draw up a plan to make art more tangible through the medium of goods sold on our website. This festive season of Christmas make it right by gifting your loved ones some beautiful things. We offer our range at affordable prices so gifting is an easy experience for you. Especially with festival gifts in demand this year of the time our pricing has been adjusted to suit that kind of demand. Considering everyone thinks of doing up their homes this season you can try our lovely cushion covers with geometric prints and aztec prints for a funky room. You can also gift your parents sweet wall decals and wall paintings that can be added to their boring studies back at your home. Photo frames are one of our most popular categories along with all types of wall clocks online that be bought for children. There is something for everyone this festive season at RANGRAGE. 
Visit our website and have a look at our products online. You can choose the ones you like, add them in your cart, scout on the website for more goods and then just add your address and make an account if you like for a first-time discount on all goods. You can make the payment by any means you like. The products will be delivered to you in as per your destination in the estimated shipping time. You will be happy to know that in case you need help shopping with us or have a problem on the website you can get in touch with us on our helpline and we will be happy to help you. We also take bulk orders for corporate gifting. Check out our website this festival season and let us know if you like what we have on offer. We would appreciate your feedback and love. Do not forget your appreciation will be respected and appreciated more by our team of in-house and freelance artists across the county.